Title: The Good Guys
Filename: combos/goodguys.zip
Size: 295.64 KB
Date: 04/26/06
Author: Martin Howe (a.k.a. The Crazy Cat)
Description: A stand-alone special-forces environment patch. As with so many of my recent works, this is material that arose during the design of The Butchery. It was originally rebuilt as a separate PWAD to make designing the Butchery simpler, but there is a crying need for a stand-alone special-forces patch for DOOM that is not part of a larger work.
Credits: The Usual (iD), Randy Heit, Graf Zahl, Espi, Kaiser, Grimm, Black Shadow Software.
Base: Covert-Ops, Guns PC, RealGuns and BlakGlov; also some inspiration was taken from DN3D and MoUAC.
Build time: Three days including testing
Editor(s) used: WinTex, XWE, PhotoStudio, ThumbsPlus Pro.
Bugs: *The BFG is unchanged and will thus appear to use fourty-four slugs as ammo! Of course, in the world of special-forces, there's no such thing as a BFG. *The player sprites appear to show the player wielding an HK MP5 despite there not being one in the pack by default.
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i love how the assfuck who reveiwed this wad on /newstuff i say reveiwed very lightly didnt really reveiw it he mainly just bitched about realism wads for doom and there are so many ...... really there are that many realism mods for doom? anyways i like this mod it could use some work but i love itx
Those weapon suck graphically and as ideas. I've seen much more interesting ones.. 2/5 - Optimusx
thats actually pretty sweet. 3/5 - Xolzox

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