Title: Gumby Doom
Filename: combos/gumby.zip
Size: 84.61 KB
Date: 08/06/97
Author: Jim Johnsen
Description: Gumby Doom replaces the Cyberdemon with Gumby! All the frames were drawn in Paint Shop Pro; the title and menu pics were made with a pictures of Gumby.
Credits: Olivier Montanuy for Wintex, Mike Frank (wride01@hotmail.com) for the title and menu pics.
Base: Hand-drawn (or rather mouse-drawn) Gumby by me
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WinTex v4.3, Deusf.
Bugs: None
Rating: (3 votes)
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Pretty good could have been done quickly thoughx
This is Gumby the American children's TV clay man, not Gumby the Monty Python character. The graphics are surprisingly well done, although for practical reasons there are no side-on frames (seen from the side he would be just a thin sliver). The rockets come out of his mouth, just like in real life. This is another of those files that will be archived forever but will very rarely be looked at - it's part of the long tail of Doomworld that has faded into nothingness.x

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