Title: "Ye ole hexen replacement weapons" Aka, hexen weapons replacement
Filename: combos/hexweaps.zip
Size: 3.44 MB
Date: 12/24/04
Author: Cutmanmike
Description: A hexen sprite and sound replacement. All the weapons, artifacts and players are changed to a more futurisitc theme. I hear this has been done before but in no way did I copy the idea.
Credits: Tom_D: Concept
ID software, 3DRealms, Daniel(The 99weaps guy), Action Doom, LittleWhiteMouse, Enjay : Graphics and sounds
Base: From scratch (Apart from the used graphics, sounds etc)
Build time: Just under a week of boredom
Editor(s) used: WinTex 4.3, Cool Edit Pro, XWE, PSP7
Bugs: The weapon pickup messages are the same
Rating: (33 votes)
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