Title: icdlizard.WAD (FINAL VERSION)
Filename: combos/icdlizard.zip
Size: 3.13 MB
Date: 11/02/03
Author: Lizardcommando
Description: This is basically my interpretation of the EDGE weapons mod, Immoral Conduct. I replaced most of the original graphics with mine. I'll probably get around to change all of the graphics. On the plus side though, I added a bunch of new weapons and heavily modified some of the original guns to make something completely new!
Credits: Id Software for making Doom2. SIERRA for making Half-Life, thus inspiring me to make the Barney Calhoun Lizard. :p EDGE Team for making this great source port! Cory Whittle's Immoral Coduct mod. This was the inspiration for my mod! DarkStorm for helping me with the Sword DDF which is in this mod! (replaces chainsaw) KoolKat for fixing up the Sword DDF. (The WEAPDOWN state actually works now!) Nick Perrin also for fixing the DDF files. Carnage for fixing the bugs that were in the new version of ICD-Lizard. Dunbar for giving me the idea of the Mauser SS Lizard and also being the unofficial Lizard's Legacy/Lizardcommando fanboy. Thanks! :D Anyone who had supported my mod at the Doomworld Forums, thank you for your help! (You know who you are.)
Base: Immoral Conduct: Special Edition, although the completely new graphics are mine.
Build time: Practically forever. (Nah, maybe 2 or 3 years at least...)
Editor(s) used: Wintex for the graphics. Notepad for DDF editing.
Bugs: Yes, unfortunately, there is one bug:

1.Using IDFA or IDKFA will NOT give you the Satchel Charges or the Sten for some reason... But you can pick them up though. According to Carnage, there seems to actually be a limit on how many weapons you can put in EDGE. Hmm... Strange...
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