Title: Josh's DOOM ][ Sounds Variety Pack
Filename: combos/joshwad.zip
Size: 389.11 KB
Date: 03/18/95
Author: Josh Thompson w/ just a *little* help from Ian Matthews
Description: This WAD is a collection of sounds that I had lying around in my \SOUNDS\ directory. Plus, I also included some converted MIDI files. The sounds include: Simpsons characters (Krusty, Bart, Barney, Homer) Richard Nixon Fozzy Bear Al Bundy Arnold Schwartzenegger (sp?) Butthead A Cow The music includes: The Hallelujah Chorus The 1812 Overture Part of Beethoven's 5th Symphony The Blue Danube Flight of the Bumblebee Ode to Joy Mozart: K.622 Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor Run God mode (iddqd) to find out the one real graphics change.
Credits: id software (of course), the guys who wrote WAD Master, whoever wrote the MIDI to MUS program
Base: None
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Wadmaster, some MIDI to MUS converter
Bugs: Classical music tends to play too quiet on my system, but its okay. Its just background anyway.
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