Title: DuduCrazy's Guns (and Music)
Filename: combos/le-guns.zip
Size: 523.26 KB
Date: 09/20/04
Author: Luiz Eduardo (A.k.a. DuduCrazy)
Description: Are you tired of the original Doom weapons? Are you tired of listen to the same music? Well, this mod is for you! it replaces the original doom weapons, plus, three additional weapons, from Heretic. And that's not all. replaces the music, too. from level 1 to level 23.
Credits: Randy Heit, for the wonderful Zdoom! Cory Whittle, because some of the weapons are from Immoral Conduct. 3D Realms, some weapons are from Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior. Monolith productions, because there is a weapon from Blood. A lot of other authors that i can't remember.
Base: Weapons taken from various files.
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