Title: Player Class Switch Proof-of-Concept Demo
Filename: combos/le-pcsp.zip
Size: 356.04 KB
Date: 12/30/08
Author: DuduKrazy
Description: This is a Proof-of-Concept of a player class switch system that i was originally planning to implement in DuduKrazy's Guns III. Unfortunately, the system had some major exploits regarding the player health and armor. So i decided to scrap it.

Note: i'm releasing this wad as-is. I know there are some bugs remaining. Feel free to use the resource in your wad. (Provided that you can fix the bugs)

(more details inside the wad file)
Credits: Parallax Software, 3000AD, Enjay, 3D Realms, Id Software, MartinHowe.
Base: Modified
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: While i managed to fix the health exploit, your armor still goes back to zero when you switch between classes. There may be other bugs around.
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When did Dudukrazy ever get this good at modding?x
The author probably spammed the feature addition board on the zdoom forums to get them to add decorate/ACS codepointers just so he could make this. Otherwise, it's a hell of a lot better than a lot of other "novelty"-type wads on here that are pieces of shit. I am very competent with decorate and in fact I am humbled by this implementable concept.x
This actually a fun little concept. This wad shows the potential for other Authors (excluding Terry) to make fun adventerous wads with a good story with a possible impelemention to drive Vehicles or switch characters. While most of you might see this as very complicated to do (Which it is) will break through another wall in Doom mapping. 4/5 -- Preliatusx

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