Title: Lock and Load!
Filename: combos/lockdoom.zip
Size: 457.33 KB
Date: 07/04/01
Author: Pilottobombadier!
Description: For those of you that have played locked.zip/lockedd1.zip, you probably have found a few bugs regarding the enemies, e.g. the don't stop shooting and they're dead-on all the time for accuracy. There's also a few other nasty thing's I've found regarding them, and that's already fixed. I'll be releasing that later. It'll be a Doom I and Doom II thing, so no separate downloads. Also, I will be putting hte DDFs in the wads so you don't have to make any special directories. Anyways...yes, there's a story to this (gotta explain all the weapons and such, eh? :P)

The Story So...don't even think about saying it!

Alrighty, you're a space marine comissioned by the UAC to go to mars, yadda yadda yadda, and the base is destroyed and comrades are slaughtered. But, never fear for oyu have your trusty sidearm AND trusty SMG. What, thought you'd be goin' in with very little? Well, you were wrong...in a good way, for once. Anyways, you discover all of the UAC's toys on Mars, as well as a few other things, and these'll all be on Earth, too, when you return to kill the demons there...yes, they have invaded earth, those dirty bastards!!
Credits: The EDGE Team, Marc Pullen(Fanatic) for all his help regarding EDGE,
Base: Modified graphics, as well as *ahem* ripped graphics
Build time: 3 weeks
Editor(s) used: Wintex, NWT, DEUTEX, Wordpad for the DDF's
Bugs: None yet. Except that the Napalm Warhead's explosion can kill ya in godmode, which is what I wanted anyways...it'll clear rooms - of cyberdemons.
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Some overpowered weapons, and seeming unintentional overpowered monsters. If you can't be assed to fix something as simple as that, I'm not giving you a very high score even if you're using something as bad and inflexible as EDGE. I mean, look at ICD. If cory whittle can fix those problems that you are having in this mod, why can't you?x
some good stuff here.x

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