Title: Lock and Load V3.0 Final Weapons Release
Filename: combos/locked3.zip
Size: 744.05 KB
Date: 09/19/02
Author: Pilottobombadier!
Description: Anyone who's played Lock and Load knows what it's all about. To an extent. Lock
Credits: The EDGE Team, Marc Pullen(Fanatic) for all his help regarding EDGE,
Base: Modified graphics
Build time: Too fucking long...Did I say that? I meant WAY too fucking long!!!
Editor(s) used: Wintex, NWT, DEUTEX, Wordpad for the DDF's, Paintshop Pro, Sound Recorder.
Bugs: Yeah, when you finish the last boss the game will crash. I guess the explosion frames have one too many frames. either way, it's the end of the game, so does it really matter?
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