Title: LowTech Weapons
Filename: combos/lowtech.zip
Size: 1011.9 KB
Date: 01/03/05
Author: Captain Red
Description: If you where sitting at you home, and portals to hell suddenly opened up around you, what kind of weapons do you think you'd end up with? BFGs? Plasma rifles? Rocket launchers? Heck no. You'd probably be lucky if you found a good pistol. The idea of this weapons kit is to see how you'd fare if the only weapons you had are ones you'd find around your local neighbourhood.
Credits: Randy Heit, WildWeasel, Scuba Steve and Cory Whittle
Base: Stuff from everywhere. Dehacked is my work, though.
Build time: About two weeks.
Editor(s) used: Wintex, Gold Wave, XWE, WhackEd, Notepad, a very old version of Paint Shop Pro.
Bugs: Unfortunately, because of changes to the CyberDemon and SpiderMastermind you cannot finish episodes 2,3,4 of Doom 1. Nothing I can do about that one. Sorry. Also, I wouldn't use this on a Zdoom map with a lot of scripts.
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