Title: Joe's FUCKIN MEGA BFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and supre shotgun to
Filename: combos/megagunz.zip
Size: 2.07 MB
Date: 01/27/12
Author: Joe
Description: ever thougt the BFG wasn't powerful enough??? well... check out this baby... the FUCKIN MEGA BFG!!!! it fires at 100 SHOTZ A SECOND!!! it KILLZX CYVERDEMONS IN A FEW SECONDS!!!!! it has UNLIMITED AMMO!!!! it deald both splash damage and BFG spread damage... THREE TIMES EACH ON IMPACT!!!! NOT ONLY THAT BUTT THE BFG HIT ZAP THINGIES DEAL OUT SPLASH DAMAGE TOOO!!!!! KILL THOSE FUCKING DEMONS WITH YOUR SUPER POWER BFG!!! NO WEAPON IN HISTORY HAS EVER BEEN THIS POWERFUL!!! U CAN FINIHS NUTS.WAD IN FIVE MINUTES WATCH AS THE DEMONZ AROUND YOU DIE!!!! NO ENEMY IS EVER A THRET AGAIN!!!!! u kno the projectile weaponz dont draw enemies blood... so if ure lookin for REAL CARNAGE switch to the new mega SSG for a BLUDY DEATHYMEGAEVILITY!!!!!!!!!! THE NEW SUPER SHITGUN WILL KILL DICE AND TEAAARRRRR YOUR ENENIES APART!!! WATCH THE BLOOOODDDD! EVERY HIT WILL GGGGIIIIBBBBBB THE ZOMBIE MANS AND IMPS!!! GIB THEM!!!!! also sum new soindz for teh SSG and BFG... recorded em myself ;)

plus a new slop sound... cehk it out! WARNING!!!! dont run this on anything but zdoom or thoze new soundz will sound weierd. and DONT fire the bfg too close or ure one dead (or maybz u could use GOD mode) suker,.,... itz one POTENT AS FUCK MOTHERFUCKER!!!! ull se waht I MEAN!!!!!! ;)

HAVE FUN!!N!!!!!
Credits: teh guyz who mae audacity, slade and of course ID SOFTWARE!!!!!!!! LIOVE U GUYZ!!!
Base: New from scratch
Build time: oh likea cmionth... or 2
Editor(s) used: paint for blud! whacked! SLADE! xwe (tho thatz a pile of shiete xD)
Bugs: yea the sndz dont work wel on porboom or eternity or anyting else... uze zdoom
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