Title: Rifles with Bawls
Filename: combos/modrwb.zip
Size: 249.5 KB
Date: 01/20/05
Author: MasterOFDeath
Description: A weapons set by me that started out as experimenting with a few DEHACKED tricks, then evolved into something more. I call it "Rifles with Bawls" because there are about 5 rifle like weapons in it(like half the guns), and I replaced the health bonuses with Bawls bottles. I ripped and touched up the sprite myself, but I am too lazy to clean it up any further. :P
Credits: Tons of people! WildWeasel, Chronoteeth, Xaser, and dron for betatesting; Xaser, TDA, WW, Scuba Steve, NMN, id software, and others of for graphics/sounds; The utility authors; Randy for ZDoom; id software for DOOM.
Base: Stuff from all over the place. Dehacked is my work though.
Build time: Too long, I am tired and lazy.
Editor(s) used: XWE, WinTex, paint, GIMP, sndrec32
Bugs: Due to the hacks, do NOT use on ZDoom maps that spawn arachnatron plasma/bfg balls. If used with a zdoom wad that modifies the arachnatron itself with DEHACKED, it may not work right because mine is modified slightly.
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Wouin c'est encore mieux que je pensait doom 4/5 Eye'sx
miss halo cause xbox got busted, love weapons 5/5 sniffx
awesome :D Weaps a lil to over powered. i killed a room of imps with jus a knife...... 4/5.....wait thats not right......5/5 >:]x
Heh. Sorry for overshadowing your wad with The Great Destroyer by releasing it on the same week. :P It's still a kickass weapon replacement, especially the Halo AR. 5 starses. -Xaserx
The machine gun is awesome. The hand graphic is inconsistent.x
Not as good as The Great Destroyer but it's still good. -TheDarkArchonx
Neat. Love the plasma - Cutmanx

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