Title: The Monster Resource Wad
Filename: combos/monsters.zip
Size: 2.94 MB
Date: 07/28/04
Author: Several
Description: A collection of monsters freely available to any wad authors. Though the wad is designed for ZDoom use with DECORATE, the sprites can be used freely as well.
Credits: Mancubus II - Being really cool Nanami - Dark Imps, Satyr, Cyber Mastermind, wad compilation, most scripting Espi - Stone Imp, Imp Warlord, Hell Guard, Bat and Dragon Familiars, additional scripting Graf Zahl - Rapid Fire Trooper, Rocket Zombie, additional scripting DD_133 - Additional scripting Cyb - Void's Dark Imp, Snake Imp, Blood Demon Bouncy - Zombie Marine, Nightmare Cacodemon, Chainsaw Zombie AirRaid - Not doing anything for this project Tormentor667 - Soul Harvester, Enhanced Cacodemon, and Hell Warrior from TNT3 LilWhiteMouse- Scorpion Mastermind Quasar - Arachnophyte Xaser - Tortured Soul Lexus Alyus - Cacolantern Assmaster - Original Tortured Soul sprite Björn Ostmann- Baron from Rebirth Innocent Crew- Rocket Zombie sprites SkullTag - SkullTag's Dark Imp, Blood Demon, Cacolantern, Belphegor, SSG Guy id Software - Doom and Doom II Ravensoft - Heretic and Hexen Randy Heit - ZDoom
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