Title: MWeaps
Filename: combos/mweaps.zip
Size: 184.59 KB
Date: 01/21/09
Author: Marcello Delai
Description: My first attempt to make a weapons .wad, Mweaps didn´t go as bad as I thought. This mod replaces all original Doom 2 weapons (With exception of fists and chainsaw) with new weapons of my own imagination. The weapons are:

Slot 2 -> The Uzi - A hand sub-machinegun in its burst mode.Useful at all ranges. Slot 3a -> The Sniper rifle - A very powerful weapon but with a slow firing rate.Not recommended for close combat. Slot 3b -> The Mega Shotgun - A devastating weapon, but innacurate at long range.Best for close combats. Slot 4 -> M16 Rifle - As powerful as the Chaingun, but with a faster firing rate.Excels at close combat. Slot 5 -> Baron Powers - A strange potion that gives you the powers of a Baron of Hell.Good at all ranges. Slot 6 -> Dual Railguns - Less powerful than the sniper rifle, but faster firing rate.Quite better at close combat. Slot 7 -> The BattleHammer - The name comes from ´´Metroid Prime Hunters´´ but its not the same weapon. More devastating than the BFG9000.
Credits: eXtendable Wad Editor [XWE] Team IDSoftware Skulltag Team and Community Zdoom Team Omega Editors Clan The Nintendo Team The Gimp
Base: New from scratch
Build time: No Idea.
Editor(s) used: XWE, The Gimp.
Bugs: None, yet
Rating: (5 votes)
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A pretty average weapons mod. The Devastator was nicely remixed, and the shotgun. I didn't expect much when I played it. So yeah overall I give it a 3/5.-Candle Mx
The balance of all these uninspired weapons is REALLY really off. that, and almost every single sprite sucks in that wad. i really cant stand people who rip bad sprites and then tie the knot by not even balancing them out a bit. or better yet, not using simple decorate code. i really cant find one good thing about this wad. as soon as i played it, i deleted it. x
Actually that wasn't bad. But for something this new you'd expect some DECORATE or something. Weapon 5 was kinda silly though and the BFG's weird. Everything else is nice and powerful, the three-shot machine pistol is unique. My favorite's the M16. But should've fired some grenades!x

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