Title: Necro's Revenge
Filename: combos/necro_x.zip
Size: 589.21 KB
Date: 08/05/03
Author: Xaser
Description: Ok... Here's The Situation...

After defeating the big boss on doom2, which was Codenamed NECRO, you atart your long trek back home, however, you accidentally stumble into a portal and are sent back in time BEFORE THE INVASION EVEN STARTED!!! Suddenly, the demons barge in and take over earth, just like before! Now you have to stop the earth invasion ALL OVER AGAIN! However, somehow, you screwed with timespace, and now all the weapons are different! Instead of the wimpy pistol you used to have, you now have a kick-ass alien-looking plasma pistol! all the other weapons have changed, too!!!

Basically, it's just a weapon replacement for Doom2 or Final Doom. It may work with Ultimate Doom, but I'm not sure. Most of the weapons were taken from Mindscape's Necrodome, which is basically a car combat game that is *almost* like Twisted Metal. I guarantee that you'll like these guns, or else, i'll give you your money back. (Wait a minute, this was free, so never mind :)
Credits: Mindscape, for Necrodome.
Base: Some Necrodome Sprites (heavily Modified), Some From other places. Teleport Gun was inspired by Telefragging.
Build time: ???
Editor(s) used: WINTEX, Windows Paint (shit), Paint Shop Pro, Hypersnap-DX (for screenshots of Necrodome guns).
Bugs: Don't Know.
Rating: (14 votes)
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It's great! Pretty fun mod that I would use when I just want to play regular doom 2. Only flaw was during the shotgun and rocket launcher animation, you see part of the original gun. ****, woulda been 5 if the shoty and launcher weren't bugged.x
I happen to like overcharged guns, and new sound effects rock!x
It was ok for the most part. Most of the weapons seemed EXTREMELY overpowered (the shotgun could gib almost anything) but the dehacked work is impressive. **** -craigsx
its ok lots of bugs nut okx
Yeah, not that good, apart the awesome chaingun! But... hey, the "new" sounds may offer you a good alternative to those boring original ones!!! For my part, I kept the sounds for the chainsaw. Jivex
the ssg replacement rulezx

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