Title: The New Breed
Filename: combos/newbreed.zip
Size: 1.75 MB
Date: 08/24/97
Author: Fanatic
Description: I've recieved lot's of email from people about there only being one single player level, and it's not complete. The 'ending' is where the scuba gear is. There is no actual 'exit', unless someone wants to finish it? (hint-hint)

There are also three death match levels, just warp to them to check them out. Load up The New Breed and wait for the demos to start. I included one single player demo on map01, and two death match demos on the other DM maps. This is most enjoyable played death match style!!

Try warping to other levels too. I did some killer modifications with monsters, and new ones you won't believe!! If you kill the end boss and watch the monster animations, the flame thrower dude will cause a crash to DOS when he dies. It's an effect I liked in the game, but crashes the ending. Not a big deal.

The only cheats I changed is god mode and all weapons - no keys. They are 'w' for weapons, and 'g' for god mode. I did this when I was testing and just got used to it. So there ya go.
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the levels are totally crap, but the weapons are nice, so 2/5x
Very nice texture choices! Very well put together, and a great dehacked patch. Could use some better sounds, but otherwise a 5/5!x
One of my favourite older modifications, as it manages to achieve half-decent effects for Vanilla Doom. Shame about the lack of levels, although the author made a construction kit.x

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