Title: No-vixen Neodoom
Filename: combos/novixen.zip
Size: 16.94 KB
Date: 11/20/09
Author: Cutmanmike
E-mail: mikehill2005@gmail.com
Description: This is a patch WAD for Neodoom which replaces the Vixens with the infrequently used Cycloid Emporer enemies. Why? Because the Vixens are outragously overpowered and completely obliterate the balance of this fun WAD. NOTE: The Megavixen in map27 is untouched.
Credits: Daniel for creating Neodoom (and potientially killing it with the Vixens!)
Base: From scratch.
Build time: Two minutes.
Editor(s) used: SlumpeD.
Bugs: The Vixen is a bug. She's been squashed thanks to this patch.
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