Title: Nightmare Squad: The Doomsday Training Simulator 1.1
Filename: combos/nsquad11.zip
Size: 680.78 KB
Date: 12/09/99
Author: J. Wendell Davie AKA AFTERSHOCK
Description: Nightmare Squad is a new collection of weapons, and it is a completely new way to use weapons in DOOM. You will pick up, drop, reload, and unload your new weapons, and if you are smart, you will have a buddy alongside. There is also altered monster behavior to keep things interesting. This version is primarily intended as a way for you to familiarize yourself with the weapons and gameplay of Nightmare Squad. In the future, I plan to extend the story and add new monsters and levels.
Credits: A few of the graphics in NSquad.wad were drawn by myself, from scratch or modified doom weapons. Others I borrowed and in some cases modified.

Here is a list of sources I "borrowed" from, these are all the sources I remember...

AliensTC - In specific, the autogun. -Justin Fisher

Alien doom - the base graphics for the assault rifle. -Dan S. Goldwasser
-Marc Gordon

Aliens doom 3 - the pickup sprite for the flamethrower. -Mike Gummelt

Part_exl.wad - the AARDWILF graphics. -Overkill777, Minion, Strike Force, and 3D Realms

TICdpist.wad - the double pistols. -The Innocent Crew

DTCOG30.zip - the Uzis. (I reused large portions of the reload graphics for other weapons) also, the charge-up sound for the AARDWILF. -Don Tello

I also got the assault and sniper rifle sounds from dt-m16.wad and dt-tommy.wad respectively, both by Don Tello.

The grenade launch sound came from AliensTC.

Further credit goes to Randy Heit for writing ZDoom, and also to TeamTNT and Chi Hoang for their work if porting the code for the doom engine. I couldn't have done this without a good port of the Doom code.

And most of all, credit, gratitude, and awe goes to id Software for making the best computer game of all time and then putting the source code on the net.
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Bugs: Due to limited time and opportunity, I have been unable to test Nightmare Squad in multiplayer, so I don't know whether there are multiplayer bugs or not. If it crashes or if you find any other bugs, please e-mail me at the address below and tell me what happened. Thanks.
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these are is serous need of scripting, or at least some weapon animations x
this is shit what good is a cool wepon if it has no animation?! x
The new weapons are ok, but the animation for then are suxx
this is a great mod. new weapons and weapon modes. it rulesx

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