Title: Walther P-38 Pistol
Filename: combos/p-38.zip
Size: 27.66 KB
Date: 03/31/01
Author: Kaiser
Description: Replaces the Doom pistol with a Walther P-38
Credits: Espi for Guns.wad. The pistol sound came from it.
Base: New wad from scratch.
Build time: Couple of hours.
Editor(s) used: Wintex, Paintsho Pro, Windows Paintbrush.
Bugs: Not really a bug, but the pistol's rate of fire has been slowed right down, because the P-38 needs to be cocked.
Rating: (5 votes)
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Why can't it transform into Megatron and obliterate all the monsters with his Fusion Cannon?x
The included sound isn't much good, and the animation is kinda strange, but for people looking for just the right P-38, this is top notch. -WWx
i dont no who lupin the 3rd is but this pistle still kicks assx
Sweet, its Lupin the 3rd's trademark gun! Nice job on thw whole hting.x

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