Title: Railgun
Filename: combos/railgun.zip
Size: 73.33 KB
Date: 06/24/01
Author: EvilOne
Description: This PWAD adds a new weapon, railgun! Requires VaVoom 1.8. Just plug the WAD as you usually do, then in console type "GIMME RAILGUN", and you've got a railgun on "0" key. Eats cells (20 per shot). Source included in sources.zip.
Credits: Janis Legzdinsh for VaVoom (the best Doom port ever) Csabo for eXtendable Wad Editor (rulezzz!) Samael, for they are the best
Base: VaVoom progs sources
Build time: a few hours
Editor(s) used: VCC, XWE 1.00
Bugs: vertical auto-aiming is still there
Rating: (1 vote)
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