Title: railgun
Filename: combos/railgun2.zip
Size: 70.1 KB
Date: 03/17/07
Author: hnsolo77
Description: a railgun from Quake 2, sprites ripped by hnsolo77
Credits: ZDoom and it's community.
Base: Quake 2 Railgun
Build time: a few hours
Editor(s) used: WXE, MS Paint and notepad
Bugs: Hopefully None
Rating: (7 votes)
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railguns dont auto aim at all in ZDoom, so its not a bug, still pretty good, ive seen worse ripsx
Well itīs just a rip, but well done; but itīs not usable without mlook because it doesnīt seem to autoaim. - 3*x
wow you people look stupid speaking 1337 like that, all he said is that its the Quake 2 railgun and it is, aside from a minor hiccup or two its pretty accurate cant go bad with accuracy 4/5x
OMG LOLZ, I R1PP3D T3h KWAYCK 2 REIHLGUN FTW AM I N0t 1337 :-p *cough cough* seriously, hasn't this sort of thing been beaten to death, and then some already? -_- At least the ripping was well done and is aimable without crosshair, although some pre-processing could have made it look nicer. Meh 2/5 -Maes x

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