Title: Random Imp Generator
Filename: combos/randimp.zip
Size: 422.51 KB
Date: 05/15/13
Author: blackthrones
Description: Variety is always the best in games, in my opinion. After discovering the imp/dark imp variant packs on Realm667 and toying with them for a while, I thought it'd be cool to put them all together. Every imp in any Doom level this wad is loaded with has a chance to change into one of the many varieties of regular imps or dark imps.

Excluding my own for the generator itself and some modifications, sprites, decorate files and gldefs were all made by others. Besides making all of them set into the same species (to stop probable imp-on-imp infighting), making Imp Abominations fire three fireballs instead of just one at a time, and changing the Nether Imp's blood decal colour to green instead of red (as their sprites imply they bleed green), they're all untouched and still in their original forms, as their original authors have made them.
Credits: See credits text file included with this wad. The credits for each individual imp and what wad/download bundle they came from is included.
Base: New from scratch, sortof..
Build time: Over an hour
Editor(s) used: Slade3
Bugs: Nothing major but I noticed that occasionally if the generators spawn one of the larger imps in a tiny area, there's a good chance they won't be able to move (One hidden area of Doom2's Map02 is evident of this).
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Works really well, and seems to be coded pretty cleanly, as I can mix it with Brutal Doom (and other mods, as well) with it and it seems to work fine :) Gonna give this a 5 since it contributes really well for what it is, and doesn't appear to be written sloppily, at all.x
Cool idea, and works very well. The only thing I missed was an extra WAD with a test map with lots of imps. Hope there'll be more "random monster generator" WADs! 4/5 - ZZx

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