Title: Realguns
Filename: combos/realguns.zip
Size: 271.32 KB
Date: 04/18/01
Author: Kaiser
Description: A weapons replacement for Doom2. Includes 9 new weapons. Only runs with EDGE Version 1.24
Credits: Espi for guns.wad. The sprites for the Colt Commando, Glock, Buckshot Shotgun and Machinegun were done by him. Thanks Espi. :) Also the EDGE team, because you need EDGE 1.24 to play it.
Base: Took a few sprites, sounds and code from guns.wad by Espi. All the guns are from either Counter-Strike or Opposing Force.
Build time: Ages. It isn't even finished yet.
Editor(s) used: Wintex and Windows Paintbrush.
Bugs: Some, but this is only really a beta. I will probably release a better version later on. The BFG is still there, despite being out of theme. This will be gone in the next release. Some of the shell casings that eject from the guns do wierd things, and the firing frame for the MP5 sucks. But don't let these petty things worry you. Everything else rocks.
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Also, the pistol, shotgun, and the AK-47 work on PrBoom too. The rocket launcher looks like a sniper rifle.x
This one gets extra credit for being one of the few weapons mods that actually powers down the weapons. This is kinda useful for breathing new life into wads of which you've tiredx
the sniper rifle and mgsaw are pretty sweet...but besides that they don't look all that special ...plus the 4diff. machine guns is kinda annoying ...still they do look realistic in high resolution :)x
the shotgun, pistol, and ak-47 work on zdoom. 5/5. good enough for me. - Xolzox
not good 2 for effort x

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