Title: Revenge of last marine's spirit (version 3.3)
Filename: combos/revspr33.zip
Size: 1.24 MB
Date: 11/06/10
Author: bed.intruder
Description: You are playing for spirit of Doom guy. You can float. You have five different attacks. And you can upgrade some characteristics. There are stronger monsters, than normal. You should kill 5/6 of all monsters, and find all keys on level. There are no stimpacs/medikits/etc. But you heals by killing monsters.
Credits: HexaDoken (aka Hexa), Soosisya San, Archi - help with coding (as possible) and testing.
Base: New from scratch with some resources: from Painkiller (soul pickup sounds, and other) from SATANIC mod by M@@@H!aK and Guest (some sprites) from Tormentor667's armory (some weapons) from Weapon Resource Wad (some sounds, and soul projectile) from Monster Resource Wad (final boss) and other (maybe)
Build time: more than 1 month
Editor(s) used: Slumped 0.5, XWE 1.16, Photoshop CS5
Bugs: Player may be splashed by doors, when he moving Player lose translucent at the start of next level, until he switch weapon On some IWADs (ex TNT and Plutonia), the boss don't wakes up until player uses any attack near him
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It CAN be better.x
Strife was the only game that could merge Doom with an RPG well. This is just bad. Not only is it itself bad, but it makes Doom look bad as well. What if someone that played modern FPSes wanted to start out with doom and by chance loaded this up for his first experience? Everything is unbalanced, and makes for a poor vanilla experience.x

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