Title: Automation
Filename: combos/rf_auto.zip
Size: 1.28 MB
Date: 10/06/05
Author: ravage
Description: run-of-the-mill weapons mod, making all of the sprites in 3d first.
Credits: rogue software for Strife, quake2 for some hud icons (which I later edited), quake for some sounds (some I edited), and some sexy girl overseas
Base: New from scratch
Build time: few days
Editor(s) used: 3dsmax 6.0, nwtpro 1.14, goldwave something or other, and psp7
Rating: (7 votes)
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The chainsaw is now more useful. The pistol can pick off zombies in one shot! 6/5x
I like it. Good Effort, fun to play.x
i didint hear anything off with the sounds, matter of opinion i guess, ok weapons mod over all 3/5 x
the sound is fucking pathetic, but the gfx is great 3/5 - Xolzox
holy christ this is awsome. its across from 007 and halo ish 5/5 -Xolzo x
Most of the sounds fubar at the end... the models are a bit dark... but nice designs and implementations. 35x

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