Title: Chaos, Uprising
Filename: combos/rslchaos.zip
Size: 24.38 MB
Date: 01/24/14
Author: Richard Smith Long
Description: Your man is a mysterious and solitary individual known as "The Newcomer", who fled to Parthoris - after many years of perilous journeys - with the intention of finally finding a peaceful setting to rest. Unfortunately, after only a few years of apparent calm, the state of things suddenly degrades - a sinister plague starts decimating the population of Parthoris, and everything seems to turn hopeless and doomed - save for a relatively small congregation of sombre, dark-dressed, cloaked individuals that reunite under a secret congregation labeled as 'The Serpent Cult'. In a distant epoch, this land had already been saved once by a legendary elven hero... Yet it seems that the dark forces that were then cast away have now managed to return, and gathered enough followers to claim their revenge...
Credits: Various sources for resources and/or inspiration (see below):

DBThanatos for the custom teleportation effect

Eternal for the custom explosive barrel

Vaecrius for the custom firearms puff

Sergeant_Mark_IV and DBThanatos for the custom blood system

Captain Awesome, Lucario, Monolith Productions, 3D Realms, Hayabusa and Zombieguy for the custom gore system

osjclatchford for the augmented pain effects on vanilla Heretic monsters PillowBlaster for augmented death effects (mutuated from Guncaster 2.8a)

eliw00d for the casing system

Raven Software, Eriance, Tormentor667, DBThanatos, Zygo and Ichor for the custom foes Eriance, DBThanatos, Vader and Ichor for the custom bosses

Batandy for 'Revolver' osjclatchford / Xaser for 'Iron Arbalest' Neoworm and Mav3rick for 'Mav3rSickle' Eriance / Neoworm / Terranova / JoeyTD / GhastlyDragon for 'Satan's Tooth / Eye Of God' Batandy for 'Duofold Arquebus' Eriance for 'Spear Of Illwhyrin' Neoworm / Zygo / FishyClockwork / FDARI for 'Trident Of The Titans' NMN / Zygo / AEoD team for 'Pyrokrates' Eriance / Neoworm for 'Deathbringer' Rogue-Velocity / PillowBlaster / Captain Toenail / Ghastly_Dragon for 'Power Symbol' Uboa for 'Spellcasting Arts' .: Zygo, Ichor for TAMER .: Ichor, Zygo for PLAGUE .: Ichor for RATIFICATOR .: Ichor for LAVA RAIN .: Zygo for WINTER WIND .: Ichor, Zygo, Eriance, Tormentor667, M@@@H!aK for CHAOS SERVANTS

Neoworm for the 'Corvus Statuette' artifact Ichor for the 'Pandora's Box' artifact AEoD team for 'Drain Enchantment' Raven Software and AEoD team for 'Force Cube' Captain Toenail, Raven Software, Hexx for 'Sentient Prism' Ghastly_Dragon, The Skulltag Team, TiberiumSoul, The AEoD Team for 'Orb Of The Brave' Raven Software, Ichor for 'Glyph Of The Ancients' Ichor for 'Area-Of-Effect Torch'

Zygo for the player class skin Monolith for the player sounds DoomNukem for the player mugshot base

Extra classes: () Rolls / TerminusEst13 for The Mercenary; Raven Software, zrrion the insect and Eriance for the Mace Of Rancor () Raven Software / ETTiNGRiNDER / Alice Jameson for The Seer; Raven Software and Neoworm for Gaia's Perch () MagicWazard / Xaser for The Warlock; Raven Software and Terranova for the MoochStone

Newcomer alternates: Xx PillowBlaster for Mav3rSickle Xx PillowBlaster for Spear Of Illwhyrin Xx Zygo and PillowBlaster for Trident Of The Titans Xx Zygo for Pyrokrates Xx Ichor and Zygo for Deathbringer

Brian 'Snakes' Knox for the small font

A.Gamma for the gorgeous, Diablo-styled fullscreen HUD

The AEoD Team for extra HUD components (Strife-style informational popup windows, automap framing)

Mav3rick for the custom M_HTIC logo

LiteFX system: -DukeWooze -osjclatchford -FireHusky -WildWeasel

Ed the Bat for the LiteFX system integration

Rachael (SoulPriestess), Expect No Mercy and osjclatchford for enhanced Heretic fluids and animated surfaces

Nash Muhandes, Ral22, SidDoyle for the combined tilting system

Hexereticdoom for 'Heretic Footsteps V4.5'

Thetis and Ichor for Wrath-Of-Chronos-like foe HP bar

kmxexii for the nice t/nc review on DOOMWorld, and the excellent coverage on his personal reviewing blog - the terrific CONBACK is his stuff!

Stephen -S- Correggio, Monterey Gomez "Mongo" Lloyd for inspiration

...and the following ZDOOM forums contributors: ETTiNGRiNDER Slax Mav3rick iVoid Serpent rider -Ghost- A.Gamma Crudux Cruo Tux everamzah Biosyn Ed the Bat terranova SidDoyle Patriot1776 ArgonianLord armymen12002003 NantoCodd kmxexii Princess Viscra Maelstrom

...and remember... Thou-Fart-A-ShiteMeister! :-D
Base: New from scratch (yes, I started from a lot of resources available in the community, see credits list)
Build time: Roughly one-and-a-half year (of discontinuous work)
Editor(s) used: Adobe Photoshop Elements, GoldWave Audio Editor, Notepad++, Slade
Bugs: 1. Widescreen modes are unsupported. Sorry. 2. Watch out for combined usage of Shadowsphere, Spellcasting Arts - more in general, when two or more threads happen to try setting the translucency of HUD graphics differently at the same time, the game might crash.
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^Exactly the opposite! The amount and quality of work put into this would have been typical of a commercial product in the old days. It's surely got its share of playability quirks, but I would dare to say this is the best gameplay mod to have graced Heretic since its release. -FDx
Wow, i found a gun in Heretic, BUT NOT SUPPORT ANY HEXEN AND HERETIC MOD, cuz the weapon is not belongs to doom II, lee-enfield is not type of any script in each other while you playing this mod in Heretic, you need to draw a sequence before use the Items fckers okay?x
Nice modx

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