Title: RSL's Agent Diaz Patch
Filename: combos/rsldiazp.zip
Size: 480.97 KB
Date: 02/25/11
Author: Richard Smith Long
Description: "Agent Diaz" is surely a very appreciated modification, and for good reason.
Credits: Various sources for resources and/or inspiration (see below):

Wildweasel for the "Agent Diaz" series, Player and ChaingunGuy sprite replacements, custom sounds

Vaecrius for his famous recoil/muzzle climb script

Psyren/DoorHenge for the ZBlood custom blood system

ShizzMaster for the custom 'bloodpool' gore effect

Rex Claussen for "Darkest Hour"'s custom palette

Monolith and Tormentor667 for the custom font.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 2 weeks total
Editor(s) used: Adobe Photoshop, GoldWave Audio Editor, Notepad, XWE
Bugs: None (that I know of, at least)
Rating: (8 votes)

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It worked for me. And I found it pretty good, too - I don't like the sci-fi weapons in Diaz 2, I'll stick with classic. -FDx
This patch crashes Zdoom and GZdoom.x
me too likes classic diaz - 4 repeatin ol levels ,-) Latest versions are good, but classic version still has reason to exist - even more so after ur patch! trOllhAtErx
This patch to the original fixes the inconsistency of chaingunners dropping machineguns, amongst other things. I use this with hell-themed PWADs. There is another combination that goes well with urban/base maps, wwhc-diaz + diazpatch, making all enemies into humans & robots. I use a mouse with 4 buttons, as there are two new functions (reload and altfire). I like the fact that you can empty your magazine and quickly rush your enemy and hit them with your gun! :-) x
Because I still somehow prefer the first version of Diaz and its simple arsenal, but couldn't stand some of its (reasonable at the time) rough edges. A new version has just been uploaded, should be up in a few days... --rsl ( P.S. I voted 4 => (2+4)/2=average )x
Chalk me up for having no idea as to the point of why this patch got made. -wwx

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