Title: RSL's Agent Diaz Patch
Filename: combos/rsldiazp.zip
Size: 480.97 KB
Date: 02/25/11
Author: Richard Smith Long
Description: "Agent Diaz" is surely a very appreciated modification, and for good reason. ))))))))))) However, ever since tasting its updated version (wwhcdiaz.zip) for the first time I felt Olivia's arsenal - despite the excellent additions - was becoming a bit overcomplicated, thus losing its special purity (*) and consistency. This addon of mine tries to fix the little inaccuracies of the original version, by integrating at the same time a set of modern features and balance fixes. This should revamp it for single player, also with its modernized sequel(s) around.

(*) play on words ABSOLUTELY intended!
Credits: Various sources for resources and/or inspiration (see below):

WildWeasel for the "Agent Diaz" series, Player and ChaingunGuy sprite replacements, custom sounds

Vaecrius for his famous recoil/muzzle climb script

Psyren/DoorHenge for the ZBlood custom blood system

ShizzMaster for the custom 'bloodpool' gore effect

Rex Claussen for "Darkest Hour"'s custom palette

Monolith and Tormentor667 for the custom font

Corwin and Enjay for the terrain special effects

Raven Software for the custom teleportation effect

Apogee Software and El Zee for the added "Ludicrous Gibs" gore effects

WildWeasel for his nazi enemies (see ww-nazis for detailed credits)

UnTrustable for A. Hitler sprites and coding base (with rotations!)

Ben2k9 for the CyberKnight

BatAndy for the custom ram puff

Alando for the custom boss blood definition

Turbo for the custom menu cursor

Mike12, DoomNukem and WildWeasel for the helmet-style HUDs

A. Gamma for the modern fullscreen HUD.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 2 weeks total
Editor(s) used: Adobe Photoshop, GoldWave Audio Editor, Notepad, XWE
Bugs: Widescreen modes are not supported. Sorry.
Rating: (8 votes)
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It worked for me. And I found it pretty good, too - I don't like the sci-fi weapons in Diaz 2, I'll stick with classic. -FDx
This patch crashes Zdoom and GZdoom.x
me too likes classic diaz - 4 repeatin ol levels ,-) Latest versions are good, but classic version still has reason to exist - even more so after ur patch! trOllhAtErx
This patch to the original fixes the inconsistency of chaingunners dropping machineguns, amongst other things. I use this with hell-themed PWADs. There is another combination that goes well with urban/base maps, wwhc-diaz + diazpatch, making all enemies into humans & robots. I use a mouse with 4 buttons, as there are two new functions (reload and altfire). I like the fact that you can empty your magazine and quickly rush your enemy and hit them with your gun! :-) x
Because I still somehow prefer the first version of Diaz and its simple arsenal, but couldn't stand some of its (reasonable at the time) rough edges. A new version has just been uploaded, should be up in a few days... --rsl ( P.S. I voted 4 => (2+4)/2=average )x
Chalk me up for having no idea as to the point of why this patch got made. -wwx

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