Title: RSL's Immoral Conduct Z-Patch
Filename: combos/rsliczdp.zip
Size: 148.38 KB
Date: 05/20/10
Author: Richard Smith Long
Description: every now and then, I still enjoy myself with a quick run through an old level with the DeHackEd/ZDOOM version of Immoral Conduct. Some time ago I decided to create a small, graphics-only patch with the right marine hands on the sniper rifle. Now I am releasing this little patch for you old-timers along with a couple other sprites...
Credits: Various sources (see below)

Cory Whittle for his "Immoral Conduct". The first DOOM weapons mod. Note for the newcomers out there: check out the full-featured EDGE version! (icd-se.zip)

Marty Kirra for the improved sniper rifle sprites (from Tainted Decorum by TheDarkArchon)

Zero Prophet for the pistol zombieman and player sprites (Zero Tolerance)

DBThanatos for the shotgun marine sprites (AEons Of Death 2.4)

Rogue Software for the uzi soldier sprites (Strife)

Richard R. Ward for the custom status bar skin base

WildWeasel for the 'Flynn Taggart' extra set of HUDs

Banjo Software for the counters font (HACX)

Zero Prophet for the mugshot graphics and custom font (Zero Tolerance)

id Software for the custom player sounds (Quake)

WildWeasel for the custom color palette (The Stranger)

Marty Kirra for the custom shotguns sprites (The Works)

WildWeasel for the custom assault rifle sprites (Magnum Opus)

for the Q3A-style gore effects

Xaser for the target lock system

The FreeDOOM Team for the custom teleportation effect

DoomNukem (with WildWeasel bits) for the HUD acting as base for the 'John Grimm' extra skin

Namco for the 'John Grimm' skin sounds (Tekken 3)

Reinchard for the high-resolution 'John Grimm' mugshot

OSJClatchford for the custom explosive barrel (OSJC modification v2.0)

The Zombie Killer for the particle-style bloodsplatter effect (Zombie's modification)

...and again, Cory Whittle for the Assault Battery graphics (dtcog40.zip)!
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 1 week total (if condensed)
Editor(s) used: Adobe Photoshop, GoldWave Audio Editor, Notepad, XWE
Bugs: None (that I know of, at least)
Rating: (9 votes)
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Don't get this. All your other files work well, but in this it doesn't work at all.x
This actually change a number of graphics resources to make the mod more consistent, but most introduces a new weapon that makes it actually playable in singleplayer too. To poster above: you know, if it revolutionized the weapons availbale it wouldnt be called a patch. Really nice troughout -- N|p|olx
The fuck kind of patch is this? This is supposed to be used with the zdoom-compatable dehacked version of ICD, but it doesn't even add any of the original weapons that had to be dropped when it was converted! Besides, these weapons are boring as hell what with them being a couple of machine guns and a sniper rifle and they don't even have good graphics. How this has had 5 stars before my rating I do not know.x
This is a true patch by the definition of the word. You sir have succeeded in where wildweasel has failed and this si truly your magnum opus. I was going to try this sometime but thank you for beating me to it, I probably would have quit before I was done.x
Although purists may not like it, I think the new weapon fits in very well. Heck, it made me finally reconsider it for singleplayer - and it still is a blast!! ***** >Lupex
I was actually the one who did the sniper rifle sprites :P Otherwise, awesome! ~Marty Kirrax

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