Title: Pagan (...The Altered DOOMCaster)
Filename: combos/rslpagan.zip
Size: 14.3 MB
Date: 01/09/13
Author: Richard Smith Long
Description: Loreena K. is a professional killer, well-known to international intelligence bureaus and worldwide chronicles for her criminal acts. Once she decides to join UAC to make amend for her guilts in exchange to freedom, she is discouraged and derided by her new soldier colleagues - she might look dangerous to society, but hellspawn are a different kind of thing, they say. That's just because nobody knows about her little secret... Yet.
Credits: Various sources for resources and/or inspiration (see below)
Base: New from scratch (for the nitpicky ones, resources from the community or commercial releases altered to suit the present modification)
Build time: 6 months (of intermittent work, and unstable ideas, too)
Editor(s) used: Adobe Photoshop Elements, GoldWave Audio Editor, Notepad++, XWE, Slade
Bugs: 1. Widescreen modes are perhaps unsupported. Sorry. 2. When morphing into one of the deities, the corresponding player skin is not changed; instead, the base player class skin is still displayed. 3. When continuing to fire around the time of un-morphing, sometimes the engine refuses to complete the transformation and leaves you in a 'limbo' state. Be sure to always keep an eye on your hourglass! ;-)
Rating: (4 votes)
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Seems limited. No slot for 6 or 7 and although the HUD is awesome the character hurt sound is bad and the shotgun is terrible. The double handgun element though may be something I come back to.x
Very stylish. The gameplay pace is a bit slowed down (you have to get used to its gameplay mechanics) but the amount of eyecandy and the badass look of weapons more than make up for that IMHO. ***** >Lupex
bad sound, low level gun, uneasy texturex
not bad,would be nice if the firing of weapons didnt give a slight upward recoil character icon is rather snazzy too. good storyline added to it, but nontheless an interesting and fun weaponary mod wadx

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