Title: Polaris - The Gift
Filename: combos/rslpolar.zip
Size: 5.46 MB
Date: 12/29/11
Author: Richard Smith Long
Description: Polaris Corporation is the latest and most promising in the series of subsidiaries stemming from UAC. Specialized in the research on advanced cryogenics technology, the company has developed a significant array of strategical weapons, based for the most part on its groundbreaking, revolutionary nitrogen-based fuel - the 'Coolant Gel'. Official plans announced that the corporation was starting to build a specially-trained army of its own, that of the 'Rangers'. Unfortunately, this last effort is currently facing serious issues in the "collateral effects" deriving from flawed thermal isolation of the 'Coolant Gel' pods - and despite the deadly effectiveness of Polaris' weapon offerings, more and more Ranger-wannabes are experiencing fatal frostbite phenomena.
Credits: "surprise monsters" in the modification...
Base: New from scratch (for the nitpicky ones, resources previously produced by Chronoteeth and the community)
Build time: 6 months (of intermittent work, and unstable ideas, too)
Editor(s) used: Adobe Photoshop, GoldWave Audio Editor, Notepad, XWE, Slade
Bugs: 1. Widescreen modes are perhaps unsupported. Sorry. 2. When controlling the Ranger, do not try to grant yourself invulnerability via cheating or else the game will crash soon after. This is due to the cryogauge support; there is no problem when picking up an invulnerability sphere, though. 3. Stake Gun zombies have no angled sprites when firing; even when fighting against other monsters, they'll appear as pointing to the player. 4. Tripmines laser fields strangely appear to permeate walls. 5. I haven't found a way to make terrain injuries an improvement for the Ranger thermal situation in case of lava only.
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