Title: Run-n-Gun 2
Filename: combos/runngun2.zip
Size: 2.38 MB
Date: 06/16/08
Author: zer0 (aka Jekyll Grim Payne aka Ashigaru)
Description: Modified version of my previous Run-n-Gun mod, complete weapon replacement and monsters modification, funny dynamic action
Base: New from scratch
Build time: about 4 months
Editor(s) used: XWE 1.17, Photoshop CS2, Sound Forge 6.0
Bugs: you may stuck into shield created by Forcefield spawner, but it's not a big deal, as you can remove shield anytime; sometimes for unknown reason minigun skips its starting spinning animation and goes directly to firing animation - had this bug before and couldn't do anything; some enemies may sometimes stuck in the walls because of their bigger size (for example Cyber on doom2m10)
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