Title: Satanic
Filename: combos/satanic.zip
Size: 3.19 MB
Date: 03/25/09
Author: M@@@H!aK, Guest
Description: Satanic is a hardcore and (I think) challenging ZDoom weapon/gameplay mod. The player becomes a necromancer, who has joined the eternal war. So, you'll have a chance to use both the darkest spells of the underground necromaniac cult and the fire-arms (who would be so careless wandering the Doom world without a gun, huh?)

The name of this mod came from the Warcraft III map 'Defence of the Ancients' (aka DotA), where player could assemble an artifact called Satanic, which granted player the ability to steal his enemies' life when attacking.

If you don't like the marvellous noir palette provided by Post, just remove the Noir.wad from the Satanic.pk3

It is strongly recommended to read the detailed description which could be found in the satanic.txt before playing this mod.
Credits: The very special thanks to Guest, who made a really tremendous job in testing, balancing and debugging this mod.

Shadowman, Post, Pinhead, MAZter from iddqd.ru

Nanami, Vader, TheDarkArchon, Espi, TheUltimateDoomer, Xaser, Cyb, Assmaster (for wonderful monsters in ZDoom Monster Pack)

Daniel (99 Weapons For Doom)

Greater thanks to at least 1000 people all round the world and my sincere apologies to anyone I forgot to mention here.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: A few months, I think
Editor(s) used: XWE, Photoshop, Neo Paint, Notepad++
Bugs: Compatibility errors may occur if using Satanic with modded levels or other mods. Satanic.pk3 contains a DEHACKED lump which removes any armor given to player by IDKFA or IDFA cheats. It does nothing else, so it could be easily removed if you want to play a DEHACKED-modded WAD with Satanic.

Satanic changes player's TID to 667, and uses TID's 666-671, so be careful when running the mod with WADS which contain scripts. Also, Satanic uses script numbers from 769 to 805.

Summoning the shadow is a buggy sometimes. Try not to summon/interflow the shadow in narrow passages.

When playing Satanic with a wad where LOTS of monsters shoot simultaneously, perfomance is really sluggish due to the smoke trails of fireballs, smoke from the burning corpses etc.

Ressurecting mosters sometimes works incorrect and they're ressurected in their original form (just like archvile worked in vanilla doom). Since the monsters can be a bit overpowered (evil demons, for example), try to avoid these situations and kill these minions.

There was reports about the game freezing sometimes but I never actually encountered such an error.
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