Title: Shotgunnery v1.8
Filename: combos/shotgunnery.zip
Size: 814.16 KB
Date: 11/13/22
Author: Chaosvolt
Description: A playerclass/weaponset mod compatable with Doom, Doom 2, Chex Quest, and Heretic. Focuses on the idea of the player having one weapon (sometimes two, with the right powerup), with multiple ammo types serving the role of other weapons. Initially released on the ZDoom forums, with v1.8 being first release uploaded to Doomworld. See below for more information, or included readme file.
Credits: Ekarus Rynden on discord for initial musings that led to this idea, Phantombeta, Blue Shadow, and Player701 on the ZDoom forums for code assistance, JDRedAlert for Angled Doom sprites to use as an editing base for dual shotguns and more consistent hands.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Initial release on ZDoom forums on 6/13/2022, intermittent update across the past 5 months.
Editor(s) used: Notepad++ for ZScipt work, GIMP for sprite edits, Audacity ACC
Bugs: Status bar has some tweaks to font overrides and key graphics that could be done to improve appearance when playing with Chex Quest and Heretic.
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