Title: ShizzMasteR Weapons 2
Filename: combos/smweps2.zip
Size: 548.72 KB
Date: 11/13/07
Author: Evan Holt, AKA ShizzMasteR
E-mail: shizzmaster@techsmartonline.com
Description: SM-Weapons2 is a weapons mod created for Deathmatch use. All the weapons except for the fist are new.
Base: New
Build time: including testing, about two weeks.
Editor(s) used: XWE, WhackEd2
Bugs: The obituary message for the Revenant Fire-Cannon and the Triple Threat do not appear in Doom or Zdaemon, so they are set to the default message, in this case being "player was asploded." There is no known way to fix this as of this wad's release date.
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