Title: Soldier's Stockpile (previously Marines of UAC) v1.1
Filename: combos/solstock.zip
Size: 6.73 MB
Date: 05/31/06
Author: Nick Perrin
Description: This is an update/remake of MoUAC v.1.0, renamed because my upcoming SP project has taken that name. This mod is meant for use in custom maps and map-pack wads, to "spice things up" a lot. The story elements have been removed from this release. They just cluttered things up and were damn cheesy anyway.
Credits: Check out SOLDIERSTOCKINFO.txt.
Base: Scratch. And scratch there please
Build time: v1.0 -> 5 months INCLUDING testing and getting it tested by others. v1.1 -> altogether about a couple days here and there, on and off. Ambiguous.
Editor(s) used: Wintex, XWE, Sound Recorder, Wordpad, PakScape, HLmv, SprView.
Bugs: This version has none.
Rating: (42 votes)
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