Title: ZDoom Space Edition v2
Filename: combos/spzdoom2.zip
Size: 2.9 MB
Date: 06/30/02
Author: Sphagne
Description: Hopefully a space TC for ZDoom, when it finally finishes, but for now a texture pack and some new monsters and objects and sound effects.
Credits: Oh, lots of people! let`s list them:

God: id, Raven, Rogue... id Dooms, Quakes, you know, Raven: Heretic, Hexen, He... Rogue: Strife, some good enemy sprites, Lucas Arts: Dark Forces, great enemy sprites, 3D Realms: Duke, great textures and items sprites, Randy Heit: ZDoom! great job, Randy, keep up the good work, Justin Fisher: Alien TC, grand daddy of all TC makers, just a few bits, Adelusion and co.: GothicTX, please read the disclaimer at the end, Mordeth, Just a few graphics, sorry pal, could not help it :) Nigel Rowand: Thanks pal, you helped me where I needed it! Rex: The Darkest Hour, my first milestone, Corwin, Splash, but not the movie! Nick Baker: Malice texture pack, Silver, CeeJay: ripping resources before me ;) Neil Bowman: Starwars Doom2 Alastair MacDonald: Snow trooper for Dark Forces. .... Others: sorry I dont know for sure who else, please correct my errors!
Base: Lots of ripping and Lots from scratch
Build time: More than what I would have liked normally
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: Hopefully none with ZDoom 1.23 final!
Rating: (15 votes)
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useful and simple nicex
good resources thanksx
"Base: Lots of ripping and Lots from scratch" - it's good saying the truth; informative textfile; I especially like the sounds; as far as I can say at least the textures are not new - nonetheless 4.5/5x
nice textures ;)x

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