Title: Stephanie Seymour for Doom Sargent version v1.1
Filename: combos/steph11s.zip
Size: 199.5 KB
Date: 02/23/96
Author: Nathan Black
Description: This wad is the FIRST (to my knowledge) that put a supermodel in DOOM via sprites. This version replaces the sargent sprites and sounds. Would someone create a DeHackEd patch that converts the soldiers, imps, and chaingun sargents to look like Stephanie Seymour too? VERSION UPDATES: this is the first version of the sargent version, but is at 1.1 to be same with the Player version. Use player version for deathmatch!
Credits: Whoever created the MPEG from which I excracted the frames from id Software for the game of course. Bridgette Wilson for the sounds (lots of them in this the sargent version). Stephanie Seymour too!
Base: My Player version of Stephanie
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DeuTex, NWT, DMAUD, and PhotoStyler 2.0
Bugs: None at all. If you do find one, though, email me My address is above.
Rating: (10 votes)
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Loved it, this is a must.x
C'mon, don't be too harsh, it's just a pubertal hickup of a probably lonely guy. Usually time sorts-out this kind of behaviour. On-topic: 0* because it does not have any additional value.x
Turning the corner in E1M1, I saw was a 15-foot tall giantess with no lower legs simultaneously flirting with me and telling me to drop my guns. Before I loaded this wad, I had forgotten just how terrifying DOOM can be. I won't be loading it again, not because it's weird but because I am truly afraid of what horrors have sprung forth from the mind of the 14-year old Nathan from the middle of nowhere. One shudders to imagine the horrors that Nathan must be capable of 19 years later as a 33 year-old man.x
well what if he's left handedx
ha ha no.x
Stephanie Seymour was a popular model back in 1996; there was a famous photo of her hanging from a tree. She had rock-hard butt cheeks. This graphic replacement is as awful as you would expect, and it's yet another one where you have to shoot women. I have a vision of Nathan Black, "a 14-year old who lives in the middle of nowhere", sitting in front of his computer with his pants down, making this wad with his left hand, and that sickens me.x

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