Title: The Sympathiser
Filename: combos/symthise.zip
Size: 103.4 KB
Date: 11/25/08
Author: Martin Howe
Description: An unarmed but HIGHLY annoying NPC for all DOOM variants, the Sympathiser is a pastiche of bearded bleeding-heart liberals; from the instant that he sees or hears any player, he continually whines about the civil rights of demons from Hell! Heck, their mothers didn't love them!
Credits: The Usual (iD, Olivier Montanauy, Andre Majorel) Black Shadow Software (Covert Ops Hostage Sprites)
Base: Coding from scratch, sprites from Covert Ops
Build time: A few days
Editor(s) used: DeuTex, EditPlus2, WavePad, PhotoStudio, ThumbsPlus Pro, Sound Recorder, Audacity.
Bugs: Sometimes he whinges at monsters as well!
Rating: (20 votes)
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