Title: Taggart Difficulty Mod (Version 1.8)
Filename: combos/tdmv18.zip
Size: 1.87 MB
Date: 12/20/13
Author: J.E. Gregory aka Taggart
Description: This is a simple enhancment mod I made for my own personal use. Beautiful Doom is a great mod, but I wanted something more traditional to the original Doom. I stayed simple and true to the game, but still ended up with an enhancement. I more or less took resources from permissable WADs and brought them together. I evolved this mod until it was something that I thought was cool.

I've always loved DooM, but because I'd gotten so good at it after years of play it wasn't a challenge. So, I took it upon myself to create a difficulty mod - so BOOM. Here it is. Look the the included Features.txt for a full feature list.
Credits: The authors and all involved parties in the development of Beautiful Doom. I got most of my mod's enhancement resources from it. Also, I used the shell casings and the accompanying sounds from the New Generation DOOM mod by Richard Smith Long, so credits to him as well.

David G for his Cacodemon Gib sprites I recolored to resemble that of a Pain Elemental, as well the alternate death sprites for the Chaingun Major.

Credits Lump in WAD file for new Monsters and DECORATE resources.
Base: None, really. I compliled resources from multiple WADs.
Build time: A few months, mostly playtesting.
Editor(s) used: SLADE, GIMP2
Bugs: None that I had seen. Probably a few Sprite animation quirks in Zombie variants.
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faithful. i agreex
that's was really great the author deserve 5 starsx
This is actually a solid and faithful to Doom mod.x
it's ok for the most part but enhancement mods have been done to death to the point where everyone just selects only one mod and plays. i stick with brutal doom but this mod is good too. 4/5x
Not sure why certain people called this a Terry wad. Anyway, love the new zombie variants.x
new enemy's i see thats really good wad man keep making morex

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