Title: Doom Terrains
Filename: combos/terrains.zip
Size: 79.6 KB
Date: 10/11/04
Author: Daniel
Description: This is a terrain definition wad for every Doom flat.
Credits: - the maker of the amazing ZDoom; Enjay - he made the TERRAIN wad file with the base
Base: Graphics and sounds Wad
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WinTex, XWE, Creative WaveStudio.
Bugs: None
Rating: (12 votes)
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It's awesome in every way. I use it in every map I make!x
It's an interesting idea - for the unintiated, it makes it so that if you fall, or cause an object (such as a corpse) to fall onto a surface, it makes a noise. In MAP02, for example, dropping into the river wakes up the zombiemen. I always wondered what they were doing - peeing against the wall? Three of them, together? It's more of a solution looking for a problem, but I admire the creative spirit behind it.x
i'm not sure how to prpoerly use this, but i'm sure it's a great mod. by the way "99 weapons" is awsomex
This is the start of something that can be great. This is one of those projects that you don't know you need, until you try it. Would it be possible to have, say 5 different sounds for each terrain and then randomly pick one when needed? I think this project is promising. If you continue working on it, it may earn a 5 out of 5 vote from me. ~Ghostpilot x
I thought they were pretty cool. Could have used a little more time and then it would have been really worth getting. But anyoena can do it themselves I guess. ~Ninja_of_DooMx
Not bad, but you have floorclip set a bit high (10 is plenty), and it needs ALOT more variation in sounds(1 for all but the liquid flats is not enough...), and of course splashes themselves... but still a decent job. ***x

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