Filename: combos/uacbot2.zip
Size: 198.72 KB
Date: 05/02/95
Author: George Hamlin
Description: This is a graphics, sound PWAD, and Dehacked 2.3 patch for DOOM 2 ONLY! This PWAD and patch will not work with DOOM 1!
Credits: id for DOOM 2
Greg Lewis for Dehacked 2.3
Olivier Montanuy for Deutex 3.4
Eric Peterson for use of his 3d Studio mesh file
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: I have extensively play tested this PWAD and patch combo, both in single and two player modem modes and found it very stable. With one exception;
The BFG fire seems to burn forever on floors of some very large levels. DOOM 2 doesn't crash, unless you launch repeated attacks, but all you hear is the fire burning, blocking out all other sounds. Best advice is to limit your BFG shots to one or two at once. One shot should take care of all monsters, while one or two more is OK if your psychotic. Also I'm running DOOM 2 on a Pentium 90. I'm not sure if the added effects of the patch will slow down your system. If it does, get a Pentium. :')
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Interesting how the "realism" factor was attempted this early. The bot is interesting, too and finally was resurrected in a more zdoom-user friendly DECORATE format at the realm667 bestiary.x

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