Title: Azure Agony's Unmaker
Filename: combos/unmaker2.zip
Size: 1.21 MB
Date: 08/15/07
Author: Azure Agony
E-mail: doom_marine@interia
Description: Unmaker, based on original unmaker gfx from Doom 64.
Credits: None
Base: Based on Doom 64, Doom original Plasma Rifle, Doom alpha, Doom 3 and Doom: Ressurection of evil
Build time: One day
Editor(s) used: SLumped, Photoshop 8.0 (trial), Audicity 1.2.3, Doom Builder (for testing)
Bugs: Just for now - none
Rating: (12 votes)
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This weapon is incredile. this is how powerful it should be compared to the one in doom 64 excellent jobx
Most broken weapon I've used. RIP AND TEAR!x
Sage this shit!x
Heh... throbbing. 4/5 -ymbx
A large purple throbbing thing that makes a noise. Slightly too big for comfort, and seems to point "up" the screen a bit too much, but miles better than most other weapons mods. Takes about twelve or so shots to kill a cyberdemon.x
wow im impressed. you should do the whole d64 weapons set. 5/5x

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