Title: Doomguy's Warzone
Filename: combos/warboot.zip
Size: 68.85 MB
Date: 04/19/12
Author: Doomguy 2000
Description: Not to be confused with the Doomguy's Warzone that came out a couple of years ago. This is a reboot of the Doomguy's Warzone series that primary focuses on the quality and best things that made Doomguy's Warzone what it is today.

The wad has a total of 17 different game modes with the difficulties adding up to 50 instead of 90 in Gold Edition. There's no player classes since I choose to retire that idea because I want the player to use his or her skills to survive.

What you get instead is a blue armor, shotgun, rifle, and chainsaw with your fist as your starting items. You now have a maximum of 150% health instead of the 100% in normal games.

Some monsters also have changes done to them being the blood color, strength, health, etc, in my best efforts to balance the game. Weightlifter12 now has half of his previous health and melee strength including a doubled stunner pain chance to balance his out a little.

Of course it's not Doomguy's Warzone without new additions such as Joe, Barack Obama, and the Nyan Cat to name a few new characters that are apart of the experience. You also get 3 new items and a better stronger super shotgun to replace the old one.
Credits: See credits text.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 1 month
Editor(s) used: XWE and Slade
Bugs: None
Rating: (63 votes)
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