Title: War Zone
Filename: combos/warzon_x.zip
Size: 620.14 KB
Date: 09/23/04
Author: Xaser
E-mail: xaser_88@hotmail.com
Description: Well, this is another weapom replacement thing. It's similar to Grenades n' Stuff in that it has lots of new weapons and such. However, this time, I made the weapons behave differently than the GnS versions. In other words, this is the most advanced weapon set to date (or something like that). But anyway, enjoy. :P
Credits: Randy Heit, for the godly Zdoom! Cory Whittle, Scuba Steve, Banjo Software, Daniel, Ralf Wueltner, and Id Software for weapon graphics. Thanks!
Base: Modified stuff, DEHACKED is my work. :P
Build time: Longer than I had hoped. :P
Editor(s) used:
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