Title: DooM Weapons WAD for Doom 1or Doom 2
Filename: combos/weapon.zip
Size: 600.62 KB
Date: 11/15/96
Author: Sarkee & the Ickaboodie! (with help from Ricky B.)
Description: A collage of graphics & sounds/music from several good wads. Replaces most of the weapons in Doom with more contemporary armament - uses wad WEAPON( ).WAD as a vehicle. For a more detailed weapons breakdown, see ARMORY.TXT in WEAPON.WRI.
Credits: Olivier Montanuy for DeuTex 3.4 & DeuSF 3.7 Greg Lewis for DeHackEd 3.0a (and the extra help!) Denis Moeller for NWT 1.3 Bob @ deltanet.com for graphics/sounds from M-16.WAD SGT Dan Snider USMC for graphics/sounds from MARINE1.WAD Matt Hooper (junepie @ aol.com) for music from CHEESE.WAD - Backwater, by the Meat Puppets (BTW,This is a GREAT Wad!) Unknown for NIRV.MUS music PWAD (Great stuff!) Dan Ireland for graphics from GSE.WAD,& Tony, trcolle@ibm.net, for graphics/frame offsets from SMRL.WAD (I liked the firing graphics from one, but the sight from the other) Zink the Dink! for Endoomer Michael Lundy for the Status Bar (& some neat ideas...) (BTW: Mike is the author of GTT.WAD, the computer DeathMatch patch - Excellent!) and the gang at ID for such a great game!
Base: DeuTex/DeuSF Modified G/S/M Wad
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DeuTex 3.4 DeuSF 3.7 NWT 1.3 DeHackEd 3.0a NeoPaint 3.0
Bugs: (If you want bugs, get WinRoach ) - Haven't found any yet - but please inform me if any show up - BFG blast/Rocket Launcher shot are spliced together; this is not a bug, I liked it that way! - Having trouble with Doom 1 music/sound replacements? -See the Weapon.wri - It's tricky, 'cause ID screwed up the IWAD and made duplicate entries for the Episode 1 music & some sounds - If the automatic weapons seem to "dance" or "jerk" - they're supposed to, they're automatic weapons; they all jump around!
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This is bull shit. you call this good? The wads you ripped off suck. The music is just ridiculous. The guns, are a cartoon version of a piece a shit. Cartoon doom, just aint right, or a machinegun replace the plasma rifle graphic, but the feel is all the same. -5/5x

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