Title: Weapons of Saturn
Filename: combos/wpns_of_strn.zip
Size: 5.31 MB
Date: 10/09/21
Author: Lippeth
Description: A weapon overhaul for Doom. Started in spring of 2013 and updated for years, this was what helped me learn Decorate and Zdoom modding. All original resources were created by me, or frankensprited/edited from resources by authors below.
Credits: The Following

SPRITES: Tormentor667, Mike12, perkristian, JoeyTD, CaptainJ, SgtMarkIV, Marty Kirra, Eriance, Z86

CODE: wildweasel, Ed the Bat, Patriot1776, LedIris, faslrn, Xaser

Resources have also been taken and modified from the following wads, mods and games:

Beautiful Doom by zer0 Brutal Doom by Sergeant_Mark_IV Demon Eclipse by Eriance Accessories to Murder by wildweasel and DoomNukem Weasel Presents: NAZIS v2 by wildweasel DOOMRL Arsenal by Yholl, SoloSpaghetti and Sgt. Shivers Killing Floor by Tripwire Interactive Return To Castle Wolfenstein by Gray Matter Interactive Doom 3 by id Software
Base: New from scratch and credited resources
Build time: Ongoing since 2013.
Editor(s) used: Slade3, Paint.Net, Pro Tools, Audacity
Bugs: None
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