Title: The Weapons Resource Wad
Filename: combos/wrw.zip
Size: 2.82 MB
Date: 10/06/05
Author: Several
Description: A spin-off of the Monster Resource WAD, this is a collection of DECORATE weapons created by the ZDoom community. Authors are allowed to freely use and/or modify any of the weapons and sprites contained in this wad to their heart's content.
Credits: HobbsTiger1 - Fire Wand, Gauntlet, original project leader, judging DomRem - Current project leader, judging, demo level, text file, wiki page cutmanmike - Serious Bomb, Vile Staff, Lightsaber, Freezer, judging TheDarkArchon - Multi-Projectile Weapon, Gyro Plasma Burster, Incendinary Shell Launcher, Automatic Shotgun, Barnicle Plasma Twine ZDoom version, judging Chronoteeth - Barnicle Plasma Twine sprites/sounds/idea and EDGE version, judging wildweasel - Charged Plasma Bolter Kirby - Insanity Rifle Bouncy - Imp Claw, Super Imp Claw, Flamethrower killingblair - XB-4 Sniper Rifle, demo level base wario - Demon Hand, BFG 11000 Scientist - Molotov Cocktail Xaser - COP Derringer, Pipebomb Post - Trail Gun HellsBane - Tazer NecroMage - Walther PPK, Seeker Missile Launcher ant1991331 - Flak Cannon Inuyasha_989 - BFG 2704, Random Projectile Launcher, Blaster Pistol, Land Mines, Burst Shotgun Wills - Quake Axe ZChronos - Heavy Rifle Bashe - Half-Life Magnum Daniel - Crystal Gun, Fire Bomb Launcher, Poison Gun, Railgun, SMG, Devastator, Grenade Launcher, .20 Pistol, Duke3d Shotgun, Quad Shotgun ChaosCentral - Demon Spawner, hosting Marty Razor Kirra - Phobos Dust Blower Froon - Necronomicon Nmn - Sprites for Imp Claws, XB-4 Sniper rifle, Demon Hand, and Charged Plasma Bolter, Half-Life Magnum muzzle flash Randy Heit - ZDoom Graf Zahl - Unofficial Build, GZDoom Grubber - Unofficial Build ID Software - Doom and Doom II 3D Realms - Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior Raven Software- Heretic and Hexen
Base: Various weapons have various bases.
Build time: N/A
Editor(s) used: Several.
Bugs: The BFG 11000 has been known to crash ZDoom on occasion. The COP Derringer crashes ZDoom in multiplayer.
Rating: (67 votes)
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