Title: Batteries STILL Not Included!
Filename: combos/ww-bsni.zip
Size: 1.24 MB
Date: 11/26/06
Author: WildWeasel
Description: I always liked the original "Batteries Not Included," not just for its concept (energy weapons only) but also for the unique designs that I had come up with for the weapons. That being said, I also had lots of glaring issues that needed to be corrected. I originally intended to port the mod to ZDoom and correct those issues, but since ZDoom currently (as of this writing, I've been disconnected for a week) lacks custom pain states, it's difficult to port. So instead, I made a sequel. New weapons, expansions on old weapons, new ideas, and graphics that don't suck.
Credits: Resources list at the bottom of this file.
Base: New from scratch (inspired by WW-BNI)
Build time: About two weeks (however long it was that I had no connection to the outside world...)
Editor(s) used: XWE, Adobe Audition 1.5, Irfanview, PSP 9.
Bugs: The Heater Rifle's altfire works regardless of its current heat level (not a bug). Cheating for weapons also maxes out the heat level and adds a charge to the Mark IV Crazy Sue. Projectiles on the various weapons will explode on walls if you are too close on the right, so stay to the left if possible - especially if you're using Plasma Mines or Fuel Rods.
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This is probably my favorite of Weasel's "old" mods. The innovation and execution are both there. Who cares if there's no "shotgun," there's a freakin' plasma scattergun there instead! This is still gold.x
Nice change of pace. Requires different tacticsx
OMG who the fuck deducts points because of how many I's in a readme, let alone count them in the first place?!x
Minus a star for using the word "I" too many times in the readme. Also, this is yet another weapons mod whereby the author has taken lots of graphics from elsewhere, which were in turn taken from somewhere else, and has tarted up the logic a little bit. It consistently has the old problem whereby the weapons don't point at the centre of the screen, or even in the same place. Graphic style varies wildly. I suspect the author spent more time writing his readme than making the wad.x
OMG! No shotgun?! I NEED my shotgun! Give me my goddamn shotgun NOW! This type of thing is not my cup-of-tea but it all seems to function correctly. 3/5 -jbx
This one is quite old. anyway 4/5x
Weasel did you HAVE to release everything at the same time?x

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