Title: Cold Hard Cash
Filename: combos/ww-cash.zip
Size: 2.24 MB
Date: 10/06/05
Author: WildWeasel
Description: The sound of jangling change being deposited into a machine. The dull rumble of your prize dispensing itself into the retrieval chute.
Credits: . And it's all worth it.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: A month
Editor(s) used: XWE, Paint Shop Pro 9, Adobe Audition 1.5, NoteTab Pro
Bugs: Attempting to purchase an item without first meeting the requirements for it (for example: upgrades) still displays the error message, but when you can meet the requirements, the item is sent directly to your inventory. There may be other purchase-related bugs, but I am unable to fix them because RTS probably wasn't designed for something of this large a scale.
Rating: (15 votes)
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