Title: Doom Illustrated: ZDoom Edition
Filename: combos/ww-dizd.zip
Size: 1.58 MB
Date: 11/26/06
Author: WildWeasel
Description: Doom, Comic Book Style. This is merely a weapons mod, but the weapons are comic style, and I made sure to pick as "cartoony" graphics as possible (but not absurdly cartoony, ie. MS Paint). Since the unofficial ZDoom contains Decorate weapon code, I decided to port this to ZDoom with some enhancements.
Credits: Resources from Generations Arena, Firearms, Halo, Powerslave, Soldier of Fortune, Scero, Xaser, the Freedoom team, Terminator: Future Shock, Marty Kirra, Scuba Steve, Opposing Force, Doom 2.5, XIII, Resident Evil: To Serve And Protect, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Doom 3, Monster Resource WAD, Skulltag, Half-Life 2, and OsirisTC
Build time: About a month.
Editor(s) used: XWE, Adobe Audition 1.5, Irfanview, PSP 9.
Bugs: Shotgun's fire sequence can be royally messed with by alternating the primary and secondary fires. The Rocket Launcher's alt-fire still fires three out of four missiles if you only have 1 rocket left. Chaingun spinups are screwy if you only tap the button.
Rating: (6 votes)
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Definitely not Weasel's best, but decent enough to enjoy the game with. My main complaint is the weak-sounding minigun, but all the other weapons are fine. Competent from start to finish. x
Another compilation of graphics and sounds taken from elsewhere that were in turn taken from elsewhere until you end up back at Dark Forces, or something else from 1995. As before the weapons look inconsistent, poorly-drawn (especially the BFG), they don't point correctly, and there are some odd logic bugs (e.g. the pump shotgun behaves like a double gun). On the other hand the thumping sound with the club is quite good, very melon-y. It's a novelty, basically.x
Hmm! Another weapon mod - it also changes the enemies too. Not bad, but not my cup-of-tea. The sniper rifle needs a zoom freature and a level specificly designed for sniping. The machine gun gets 4/5 but overall 3.5/5 - BTW: The muzzle is a silencer. 4/5 -jbx
Pretty nice, but the muzzle on the sniper rifle looks very outof place.x
Weapons go boom.x

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